By locating potential clients online, you can boost your profits

It is crucial to include this step in your revenue-generating strategy.

Promote Your Website with Effective PPC Advertise

Xdor's Advertising Strategie

Our team of experienced digital marketers based in the United Kingdom, Europe and United State of America specialize in search and display advertising campaign management. We are committed to delivering measurable growth in leads and sales for our clients on a consistent basis. By gaining a deep understanding of your business, we utilize our expertise to increase revenue through Pay Per Click Campaigns while optimizing your ROI. Our passion and skillset make us the go - to team for Xdor strategies.

Search Ads

Simply paying a large sum of money to secure the top spot on a search results page is not the only aspect of search PPC. We utilize our expertise in the search industry to place you in front of your desired audience at a reasonable cost that generates a significant return on your investment. Additionally, we assist you in preparing your ads and website to transform potential clients into paying customers.

Display Ads

Sometimes you may want to proactively reach new or existing customers, even when they aren’t directly looking for your products or services. That is where display advertising comes in. We’re great at finding your existing customers as well as potential new ones, and we’re equally as good at knowing what to show them in order to get them spending money with you.

white samsung android smartphone on brown wooden table
white samsung android smartphone on brown wooden table


Google shopping is one of the most effective forms of online marketing if you sell your products online. By the time you have paid for a click, the customer already knows what your product is, what it looks like and what it costs. We can help you get your products onto Google shopping and then maximise sales by ensuring that they are fully optimised for conversion.